Photo by  Dana J. Quigley

Born Reginald Halifax Wellingsfordton III in the small English village of Upper Upon Avonstock. No wait, that's not right at all...

I'm an illustrator/designer/comic book artist & writer/ astronaut dinosaur wrangler from the great state of Connecticut, currently working and residing in Boston. I attended Elmira College (that's in Elmira, NY, for those asking) with a degree in Fine Art; concentrating in drawing and painting.  

I make art that is inherently silly, because I am an inherently silly person (I mean look at me over there, sitting in a shopping cart, like a dope). I want the art that I make to make people smile and laugh. My main thinking has always been, "If you can't have fun with the art and make it fun for others, then what's the point?"

-Zack Newirth

Hufflepuff, class of '11